Hey hey. My name is Dan, and I used to work in a call centre. We used get people every day yelling and screaming at us as if thier problem with the company is OUR fault. It's not, so I used this here space as a place to let y'all know what it was like. Now, as of late July 2005, I work in a record store. Which means more of my rants, and this time with extra VVVVVOLUME!!! Woooooo.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Back from the dead, and broke

music: Devil Gate Drive Waking Up For the Enemy

No, I haven't died. I've been living in Auckland, with no horrible customer service nightmares to textually dramatise for your bemusement... Just day upon day of not having to answer phones, applying for new jobs, and depleting my bank balance.

Just when I thought it was all over (ie $1000 past over...) I got a call today from a record store while standing across the road from the National Bank on Queen St, that was cordoned off by the police in order to investigate a suspicious package that looked remarkably like a homeless man's belongings. So the call means that as of next week I'm a minimum wage slave at a record store in town... YAY!!! Man, this rules. It means I can adjust the angle of this blog to not only be about customer service, but the crap music the customers purchase! YAY!!! No more moaning about money... which to be honest, you loyal readers all missed out on. YAY!!!

I'm off to adjust the crap about power companies and call centres, etc.


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