Hey hey. My name is Dan, and I used to work in a call centre. We used get people every day yelling and screaming at us as if thier problem with the company is OUR fault. It's not, so I used this here space as a place to let y'all know what it was like. Now, as of late July 2005, I work in a record store. Which means more of my rants, and this time with extra VVVVVOLUME!!! Woooooo.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

seven days to go

music: REM - the Finest Worksong

My REM-predicted finest hour could perhaps be in approx 7 hours time, when my cellphone alarm fails to go off, as a result of my not pluggin the battery-drained thing in. It would be my finest hour of sleep, followed by the finest Spanish-esque Inquisition.

I have seven more days at the call centre; ie less then 60 techincal hours listening to you fucks. When company HR departments and recruitment agencies talk about 'customer service careers' you surely know it's an oxymoron, equivalent to, 'Red Bull makes you fly'?

Sorry, I did have much more to say, but got tied up in explaining how to dl some Queen songs from a particular Russian website from some peeps who can't speak Russian. No, I can't speak the Queens English backward either, but a little common sense god has distributed rather thinly.

Yep, Star Wars opens today. For achieving a random and arbitrary mark 3 months running, I have been 'awarded' a $10 voucher to see what economically amounts to 2/3 of a movie. I'm assuming 'Revenge of th Sith' will be 3 hours long, therefore providing money for ("donated") value; therefore worthy of the lame, grammatically inspired re-arrangement in the paragraph above.


Blogger Omni said...

Tee-hee-hee, you're funny!! :-)

8:11 PM

Anonymous Sonia Roody said...

So what's your plan now? Resigning without an immediate replacement is quite risky, but I can't blame you. I hope you get to find a new job immediately. Good luck.

8:52 AM

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